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A hand-crafted collection of exquisite beauty products, designed to bring cherished inspirations from around the world to you.


Tocca was born out of friendship, wanderlust and a lot of love. We started as a young group of friends, who loved travel, and the discovery of beautiful people, places & things. Our curiosity for textures & embroideries, scents & gardens led us into the world of artisanal fashion & beauty. Today, Tocca, which means ‘touch’ in Italian, stands true to its roots. We create with passion and an appreciation for the time it takes to manifest true beauty.


Each TOCCA Eau de Parfum is inspired by its namesake…

  • Some are actual and some fictional – however the ‘Girls’ are all iconic women who celebrate life and make a lasting impression
  • Each Girl has her own personality – her own story – her own hopes and dreams, of which each individual trait evokes a unique fragrance character
  • As one’s disposition changes, there is a fragrance well suited for each mood or inclination based on key fragrance notes; one can be a different TOCCA Girl at any time
  • Striking the perfect balance between timeless and modern, there is a TOCCA Girl or two perfect for everyone